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    Barcelona, Spain

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    Stunning, Intricate Surreal Tattoos Of Warped Faces & Fantastic Patterns

    Milan-based tattoo artist Pietro Sedda creates stunning and intricate tattoos that have a touch of surrealism about them. 




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    Kamil Czapiga

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    30 Day Challenge // Day 26 // Your Favorite Sweet Food

    Let them eat cake~

    I always tell my girl she doesn’t have cakes because she’s Hispanic, she has flan. Caramel Crema doe~ And I couldn’t forget about the ladies, so have yourself some cake too. Cupcakes!

    I know, I know it’s been a while. And it will be another long while. I’m just too busy. I probably won’t be free to make another gif till July, which is why I did two.

    But for now, eat up!

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